Amazon Worker Stole Millions And Bought Some Nice Cars

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Amazon Worker Stole Millions And Bought Some Nice Cars
Amazon Worker Stole Millions And Bought Some Nice Cars

But when she got caught she had to give it all back.

There are plenty of people who work for big corporations and think about how easily they could rip the company off. Those who actually go through with their schemes often spend lavishly, finally getting all those things they’ve always wanted but couldn’t afford, including luxury cars. That’s what a former Amazon operations manager, Kayricka Wortham, was sentenced to 16 years in prison for doing.

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According to Fox Business, the woman and some accomplices ripped off Amazon to the tune of $9.4 million during an 18-month period. With that money, the US Attorney’s Office says she and another conspirator, Brittany Hudson, bought real estate as well as a 2019 Lamborghini Urus, 2022 Tesla Model X, 2021 Dodge Durango, 2018 Porsche Panamera, and a Kawasaki ZX636.

We’re sure they were living the high life and feeling super smart for pulling off the “perfect crime.” The only problem was that kind of spending combined with a bread crumb trail would eventually lead back to them. The thing is companies like Amazon perform audits and track spending.

Wortham had a nice little scheme going, with prosecutors saying she would submit “fictitious invoices to Amazon, falsely representing that the vendors had provided goods and services to Amazon.” Now one would think such a thing would be discovered immediately, but apparently Wortham was able to get her underlings in the company to add those fake vendors to Amazon’s system, ducking any immediate red flags. Conveniently, Wortham was the one who would then approve the companies’ being added. It was the perfect crime.

Someone figured out what she was doing and the rest is history. Wortham and Hudson had to surrender a home they bought and all those nice luxury cars. They also gave $2.7 million still left in bank accounts, with an order from the court to pay around $9.47 million in restitution to Amazon.

It gets even worse: Fox Business says Wortham is still facing more outstanding charges for allegedly “forging the signature of a federal judge and seal of the court.” Reportedly, this was done to mislead another company about her legal status while she was out of jail on bond. In other words, she just can’t help herself and so she’ll probably be facing even more time in prison. Hopefully she enjoyed the Lambo for the short time it lasted!

Let this be a lesson: if you want a dream car, work hard, sacrifice, and maybe start listening to Dave Ramsey.

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