The Amazon Fire 7 tablet is the perfect piece of affordable handheld tech

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Tablets have revolutionized the handheld

tech space, with options from Apple and Samsung

among the most popular on the market.

Created to fill this void for affordable

tablet options that don’t sacrifice

functionality, the Amazon Fire tablet

lineup has blown up, to say the least.

the highest-rated and most popular

of the bunch, the Amazon Fire 7 tablet.

the Amazon Fire 7 tablet is offered in two

digital storage capacities (16 GB and 32 GB).

It boasts up to seven hours of reading, browsing

the web, watching videos and listening to music.

It also features a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor

that makes performing these tasks a smooth

and uninterrupted experience.

For added convenience and customization,

this device also allows users to add up to 512 GB

of additional storage via a microSD card.

The Fire 7 tablet additionally comes

with hands-free Alexa configurations.

built-in 2-megapixel front- and

rear-facing cameras with 720p

HD video recording capabilities.

and more than 570,000 popular apps,

including Instagram, Skype and Spotify.

Aesthetic-wise, if standard black isn’t your

cup of tea, you can choose from three additional

colors (plum, sage and twilight blue).

With more than 56,000 reviews, thousands pointed

out that the device particularly delivers when it

came to value for money, screen quality, ease of

use and touch screen user-friendliness

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