Amazon driver discovers ‘unsafe’ home feature while delivering package

Millions of TikTokers are learning the importance of house number signs, thanks to one Amazon customer’s viral video. This latest video comes courtesy of user Jessica Huseman (@_jesshopehuse). In her clip, the TikToker shared the “unsafe” feature her delivery driver found while dropping off a package at her home. In the video, an Amazon driver approaches Huseman’s door and tells her security camera — in an excited, sing-songy voice — why she needs house number signs outside her home. The driver then goes on to explain why having an unmarked home can be worrisome. “And, it’s unsafe honestly,” she adds. “What if you needed medical assistance and the paramedics didn’t know your town well. Have a great day”. The clip has since drawn almost 4 million views, plus thousands of comments praising the Amazon worker’s warning. “This is proof that you can give advice without being rude about it,” one user wrote