Amari Rodgers suggests he didn't get "love" from Aaron Rogers as a rookie

Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers is rolling out the red carpet for rookie receiver Malachi Corley, up to and including inviting Corley to stay in Rodgers's guest house. His welcome for the third-round pick apparently contrasts with the manner in which he welcomed another third-round pick from 2021, in Green Bay.

Via, former Packers receiver Amari Rodgers said this in response to the Corley news: "Promise this helps him play better as a Rookie . . . if only I had this type of love coming into GB, but to each his own!"

The Packers cut Amari Rodgers during his second season. He spent time after that with the Texans and Colts. He currently plays for the Birmingham Stallions of the UFL.

Amari Rodgers had only eight catches in 26 games with the Packers.