Amari Cooper: 'I want to be a Dallas Cowboy for a long time'

Shalise Manza YoungYahoo Sports Contributor

Amari Cooper is headed into the fifth and final year of his rookie contract.

The wide receiver, traded to the Dallas Cowboys last year — a week after Oakland Raiders coach Jon Gruden said the team wasn’t shopping him — learned what he could as quickly as he could once arriving, and quickly became a key part of Dallas’ offense.

Cooper would like things to stay that way.

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‘It just seems like everything fell in place’

Speaking to Dallas Morning News reporter Jon Machota at a Gatorade event, Cooper gushed about his team.

Amari Cooper said he loves being with the Dallas Cowboys. (Getty Images)
Amari Cooper said he loves being with the Dallas Cowboys. (Getty Images)

“I think it’s a perfect fit; it’s like I was a piece of the puzzle that was needed and everything around me was needed as well for the puzzle to be complete,” he said. “It was a great situation. I can only thank God that I was brought here to be a Dallas Cowboy - I mean, are you serious? I could have been on any team, probably some teams that I didn’t want to be on. But when I got the call that I would be a Dallas Cowboy, I was really excited about that.

“I think I have good teammates; we have a group of core guys that really complement my game well...It just seems like everything fell in place here. I don’t quite know how to explain it, and why it went as well as it did; I just know it did.”

In his first nine regular-season games with Dallas, Cooper had 53 catches for 725 yards (13.7 YPC) and six touchdowns; he added 13 catches for 171 yards and a score in the postseason.

‘I want to be a Cowboy for a long time’

When asked about his contract, Cooper seemed confident that if he takes care of business on the field, the business off the field will be taken care of too.

“It really doesn’t matter to me; I’m really not even thinking about that,” he said. “I’m just more focused on how I play and how I approach the game, the type of work that I put in. I really want to play well - I think everything starts with that. If you play good football, you’re going to be around for a long time.

“And I do want to be a Dallas Cowboy for a long time. I love the organization, I love everything that we have going on here.”

The 25-year-old will earn $13.9 million this season on the fifth-year option of his rookie deal. The New Orleans Saints’ Michael Thomas is reportedly asking for $22 million annually in his new deal, and however that pans out, it will likely benefit Cooper.

Cooper was named to the Pro Bowl as a rookie in 2015, and also in 2016 and 2018.

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