Amanda Nunes not ruling out a UFC return: ‘I still feel a champion, so we’ll see’

Well, it looks like there’s a chance Amanda Nunes may not stick to retirement.

The former two-division UFC champion didn’t say no to a return to MMA when asked about a potential comeback to the octagon. Nunes was present to see Raquel Pennington defeat Mayra Bueno Silva in the co-main event of UFC 297 to win the belt she vacated last June.

Watching the women’s bantamweight title fight, Nunes felt mixed emotions and lighted up a bit of a fire in her. Enough to return? Nunes isn’t so sure.

“I was nervous. I don’t know why, but I was very nervous,” Nunes told ESPN. “It was mixed feelings. I was happy and sad, but when I saw ‘Rocky’ with the belt, I was OK. I wasn’t upset or anything like that. I think I did the right decision – retire and rest a little bit and take care of the babies. I can’t let Nina take care of the babies by herself. Also, just enjoy (life), too. My whole life, I was always fighting and I never really enjoyed my 20s. My 20s passed like that. I’m 35 now. I’m able to go back to Brazil now and stay with my friends and family and enjoy.

“We’ll see what happens. I’m still young and fresh. You never know. We have a lot of things to do, and I have a lot of things to figure out at home. We’ll see what happens.”

Reporter Megan Olivi doubled down and asked Nunes if she was considering a return to the octagon. Part of Nunes does miss fighting, even though she’s enjoying retired life.

“I don’t know. You never know – I’m a fighter,” Nunes said. “This is my job and I love this so much, so I don’t know. I enjoy this, as well, not being in the gym every day and having a normal life and staying a little bit lazy because to be lazy as a fighter is very hard. But you know, I’m still healthy, powerful, smart. I think like a champion. I still feel a champion, so we’ll see.”

Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie