'I am looking forward to seeing how Anfield sends him off'

BBC Sport pundit Michael Brown

It is Jurgen Klopp's passion, rather than a key individual moment, that stands out for me over the years.

Especially in interviews, with some of his one-liners! His personality on the touchline when he celebrates and the way he puts his arm around players too.

Klopp has just been a really good fit for Liverpool.

They have had success and they have changed the whole football club - on and off the pitch. There has been a new training ground and the stadium has been done, as well as the squad being revamped.

Everything he has been involved in has been a whole new Liverpool.

He has done a wonderful job, with a work ethic that is second to none and with a real passion and enjoyment. His smile has changed over the years and it seems to have got a little bit brighter!

It is a sad day but I am looking forward to seeing how Anfield sends him off.

It will be special and they will do it right, I am sure of it.

Michael Brown was speaking to BBC Sport's Katie Stafford