Alyssa Milano fights back after being called a hypocrite at anti-NRA rally

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National Rifle Association supporters have come for “hypocrite” Alyssa Milano, but she’s standing her ground.

On Saturday, the politically active actress, who supports “common sense” gun reform, attended an anti-NRA rally organized by No Rifle Association (NoRA) in Dallas. The event took place not far from the NRA convention in the city. In addition to peacefully protesting, Milano — who helped launch NoRA after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School — spoke out, saying, “I do not think that it should be as easy to buy an AR-15 as it is to get a caramel macchiato at a Starbucks.” She — and the other protesters, including actress Frances Fisher — called for reform, including background checks, prohibiting people with a history of violent behavior from owning firearms, and not allowing the NRA to fund political campaigns, among other things that are listed on the group’s Gun Safety Bill of Rights.

Milano took to Twitter after Howe’s video went viral, to say that her “personal bodyguard was not armed” and that she “had no control over what the Dallas PD and event coordinators planned to protect me.”

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