Alvin Kamara: A nice performance, but we have to keep doing the same thing

After the Saints fell to 2-5 with a Week Seven loss to the Cardinals, running back Alvin Kamara said that he was seeing “panic” from his teammates and that he spoke to them about playing with more pride, energy, and swag than they’d shown in the first seven weeks.

Kamara said he wanted his teammates to call him out if he didn’t practice what he preached, but no one had any complaints on Sunday. Kamara scored three touchdowns and picked up 158 yards from scrimmage and the Saints shut the Raiders out 24-0 at home.

After the game, Kamara was asked if the swagger was now back for the Saints.

“It’s on it’s way back,” Kamara said, via a transcript from the team. “We had a nice performance right there. You can do it one time, but you have to be able to string it together. We have to do the same preparation for this week. I’m ready for next week. I expect to win every week. I’m not like hip hip hooray right now. I’m like cool. We put it together. Now, let’s see if we can do it again. I’m calling for that. I’m going to have the same message that I did last week. Just because we had a good week this week doesn’t mean that we can fall off or taper down. We have to do the same thing next week and the next week and the next week. Swag is consistency.”

The Saints will be at home to face the Ravens on Monday night in Week Nine and we’ll see if they can conjure up the same kind of effort that they rode to a big win this weekend.

Alvin Kamara: A nice performance, but we have to keep doing the same thing originally appeared on Pro Football Talk