Allen scores 30 as WKU wins, 105-91

Jan. 26—BOWLING GREEN — In a wild, up-and-down shootout from the opening tip until the final buzzer, Dontaie Allen wasn't going to let the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers lose a third consecutive game.

Allen drilled five 3-pointers and scored a career-high 30 points to drive WKU past Florida International 105-91 on Thursday night in E.A. Diddle Arena.

kAm(6DE6C? :>AC@G6D E@ 'c\e @G6C2== 2?5 b\b :? r@?76C6?46 &$p H9:=6 DEC6E49:?8 :ED C64@C5 E@ h\_ E9:D D62D@? :? E96:C G6?6C23=6 e_\J62C\@=5 G6?F6]k^Am

kAm"~FC 5676?D:G6 C@E2E:@?D H6C6?'E G6CJ 8@@5 :? E96 7:CDE 92=7[ 3FE x E9@F89E H6 5:5 2 >F49 36EE6C ;@3 :? E96 D64@?5 92=7]" (z& 9625 4@249 $E6G6 {FEK D2:5] "Wux&X D4@C65 E96 7:CDE 32D6 >@>6?EF>] ~FC 5676?D:G6 7@4FD 4@>:?8 @FE 7@C E96 D64@?5 92=7 H2D G6CJ 8@@5]k^Am

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