Allen Robinson prioritized training on East Coast over exploring LA this summer

Allen Robinson has been a member of the Rams for four months, but Los Angeles probably still feels very new to him. The receiver is currently in his first training camp with the Rams and he’s fitting right in with the team.

He just needs some time to get acclimated to his new city – not that he’s complaining.

Robinson said he spent the summer on the East Coast training, using that time between OTAs and training camp to get in shape and ready for the season. And as a result, he hasn’t had much time to explore Los Angeles just yet.

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“I still actually haven’t got a chance to,” Robinson told Omar Ruiz on NFL Network this week. “Between OTA time and camp time, I was back on the East Coast training. So I’m looking forward to it, but again, for the most part, my head has been in the playbook just trying to get these things accomplished that I need to get accomplished before all those things.”

Robinson has received high praise for his work ethic and participation in meetings, which is a big reason the Rams wanted to bring him in this offseason. Sean McVay even had a great quote about how badly he wanted to sign the receiver, selling his “(expletive) balls off” to him in free agency.

It’s hard to see Robinson’s arrival in Los Angeles not working out for both the player and team.


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