Allen Lazard: It feels good knowing 12 will be my quarterback again

Newly signed Jets wide receiver Allen Lazard talked about his relationship with offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett and desire to be in a big city while saying that he might have signed with the AFC East team under any circumstances, but it was impossible to ignore another tie that helped draw Lazard during his introductory press conference.

Lazard said that Aaron Rodgers is a big reason why he’s in the NFL because of the way his Packers teammate went to bat for him early in his career, so it definitely didn’t hurt to hear that the quarterback’s intention is to play for the Jets this season.

“It feels good that 12 is going to be my quarterback again,” Lazard said, via SNY.

Lazard was also asked about his expectations for 2023 once the Packers agree to a trade bringing Rodgers to the team.

“I think with Aaron Rodgers as quarterback, the possibility of wins is always a thing,” Lazard said. “With that being said, it’s really the Super Bowl. Especially at this point in his career. . . . His caliber of play automatically elevates everybody’s potential and abilities on the field immediately.”

The Jets are banking on that kind of effect, but they’ve still got to get the trade finished before Lazard or anyone else can benefit from Rodgers’ presence.

Allen Lazard: It feels good knowing 12 will be my quarterback again originally appeared on Pro Football Talk