Allen Iverson: Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are the two greatest NBA players ever

For many years, Michael Jordan was considered the greatest NBA player by many people, and it really wasn’t much of a debate. But for the past several years, LeBron James has been encroaching on that territory, and a growing number of people believe James is the greatest basketball player of all time.

One all-time great who has been forgotten or even disrespected in this debate is late Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. While his legend has seemingly grown in recent years, many do not seem to rank him as one of the five greatest players ever.

But Allen Iverson, a fellow Hall of Famer and one of his contemporaries, said he’s the second greatest NBA player ever behind only Jordan. Iverson said this to Rachel Nichols while recalling a time during their rookie seasons when Bryant trashed his hotel room after playing poorly against him.

Bryant helped lead the Lakers to five world championships during his 20 seasons in the league, all of which were with the Purple and Gold. He’s still fourth in career points and first in that category among full-time guards.

Story originally appeared on LeBron Wire