Alicia Keys was 'speechless' following 'Voice' Knockout Round performances

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Alicia Keys is rarely at a loss for words on The Voice, but the Knockout Round performances from D.R. King and Tish Haynes Keys left the coach speechless. It all started with D.R.’s version of “(I Know) I’m Losing You.” Then Tish hit the stage with a powerful performance of “Lady Marmalade.”

Alicia was the first coach to comment after the performances, but she had a hard time expressing her feelings. “Wow. First of all …” Alicia said before taking a long pause. The other coaches started to laugh at the dead air before Alicia continued: “This is crazy. I am literally speechless.”

While Alicia had a hard time finding the right words to describe those performances, Adam Levine didn’t have that problem at all. “D.R., in any other situation, that would’ve been the illest thing I’d ever heard in my life,” Adam said before adding, “But then Tish had to mess it all up for everybody.” Adam thought not only that she won that round but that she took the entire season. “Tish just won the whole show in the Knockout Rounds,” he said.

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Kelly Clarkson had a difficult decision on her hands, which is why, after she picked D.R. as the winner, she hit her Save button for Tish. But she wasn’t the only one fighting to keep Tish around, Adam quickly followed her by hitting his Steal button.

Tish had a hard time choosing between Adam and Kelly, who have both been her coach at some point this season, but she ultimately decided to ride to the end with the latter. “Kelly really understands where my heart is, and she’s gonna work with me!” she said.

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