Alexey Shved throws the ball way over the basket, confuses all

The New York Knicks have given their fans little to cheer about this season. At their worst, the squad with the NBA's worst record have inspired questions about exactly where they're going, whether Derek Fisher is the right man to lead them, and the extent to which Phil Jackson can construct a winner. It's easy to watch them and feel very confused about what it all means.

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Credit to guard Alexey Shved, then, for riding those vibes and coming up with one of the most confounding plays of the year. With roughly 7:00 remaining in the fourth quarter of Friday night's game at the Detroit Pistons, Shved darted to the basket after catching a deflection of his own pass for ... well, we're not really sure. Because instead of putting the ball in the general vicinity of the basket, he threw it 10 feet over everything. Take a look:

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We could take some guesses at what happened here, but it's probably more enjoyable just to chalk it all up to some kind of cosmic coincidence. Let the mysterious remain mysterious.

Bizarre catapult shots aside, the Knicks avoided full-scale embarrassment and won 121-115 in double overtime, thanks in part to a game-tying three-pointer by point guard Langston Galloway in the final seconds of regulation. That big shot served as vindication for Galloway, who was pantsed by Pistons mascot Hooper during warmups (via SB Nation):

The Knicks' victory stops an eight-game losing streak. It also served as their first win of the season without Carmelo Anthony, now shut down for the remainder of the year due to knee issues as the franchise focuses on maintaining its draft lottery position. They had lost their first 16 games without Melo in the lineup.

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