Alexander Gustafsson sends unsubtle message with anti-doping shirt at UFC 232 weigh-in

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Alexander Gustafsson had a very loud message during the UFC 232 weigh-ins for his fight against Jon Jones, and it didn’t come through his mouth.

The light heavyweight appeared at the event wearing a shirt featuring the word “doping” crossed out. You can probably guess which frequently suspended fighter the shirt was aimed at.

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Spoiler alert, it was aimed at Jones. The MMA star is surrounded by controversy yet again after it was announced that UFC 232 would have to be relocated from Las Vegas to Los Angeles after he tested positive for an extremely minute amount of Turinabol in a drug test.

Pretty much every piece of scientific evidence seems to support Jones and UFC’s claims that the positive test could not have come from a recent ingestion, but Jones’ track record with banned substances has removed the benefit of the doubt toward him for many.

Alexander Gustafsson has something to say about doping, everybody (Getty Images)
Alexander Gustafsson has something to say about doping, everybody (Getty Images)

Jones himself is definitely sick of hearing about the subject, so of course his fight opponent is going to take every opportunity he can to needle the fighter. Gustafsson’s shirt is just the latest public salvo the Swede has launched at Jones:

Doping or not, Jones will likey have a physical rebuttal ready for Gustaffson on Saturday.

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