Alex Smith says Lombardi-shaped leg brace was his best Christmas gift ever

Julius Long
·1 min read

Smith says Lombardi leg brace was his best Christmas gift ever originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

On Sunday, Alex Smith and the Washington Football Team continued to defy the odds, snatching the NFC East title and extending their hopes of capturing a Lombardi Trophy.

But before the game, Smith’s wife, Elizabeth, shared a photo of the replica Lombardi Trophy that she gifted him for Christmas. The trophy was constructed from Smith’s external fixator, commemorating his comeback from a life-threatening leg injury that required 17 surgeries and kept him from playing for two years.

“It was really cool to open that on Christmas,” Smith said after leading his team to a 20-14 victory over the Eagles.

“We had talked a lot about doing something with the fixator. We tried to donate it, but apparently it’s only a one-time use thing because they’re crazy expensive.”

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Smith will have his trophy as a reminder of the task at hand this weekend when they take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the first round of the playoffs. But more importantly, as his wife wrote on Sunday, it’ll serve as a reminder that he has beat the largest challenge life has thrown his way.

“Definitely the best Christmas gift I’ve ever had, so I thought it turned out awesome,” Smith said.