Alex Smith says calf injury not impacted by previous injury to same leg

Ryan Homler
·2 min read

Smith says calf injury not impacted by previous injury to same leg originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

As Alex Smith continues to work through a calf strain that forced him out of Washington's Week 14 contest, the quarterback provided a slightly-positive update on the outlook of the injury on Wednesday.

That right leg is the same one that Smith injured back in 2018, when it required 17 surgeries to treat the break and life-threatening infection. With all that the right leg has been through, there could have been cause for concern as to whether the injury could have stemmed from what happened two seasons ago.

However, Smith explained that there was no relation between the two incidents.

“No, no not at all. Nope, so yeah that’s all good news," Smith said. "Everything down there looks great. Obviously, a freak thing that happened coincidentally to the same leg.”

In addition, the previous injury will not complicate this recovery, according to Smith. Even with the right leg having been surgically repaired, the healing process for the calf injury should not be changed.

“Yeah, I definitely obviously have some unique circumstances going on down there, but not really. Not really," Smith said.

“I think it’d be the same situation, I guess to answer your question, if I had a completely normal leg," Smith said. "But obviously with everything that’s happened and the anatomy, certainly the doctors and physicians go through all their checks. But everything looks great.”

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It appears Smith won't deal with any extra problem on his leg, which is good news for everyone. However, the timetable for his return is still up in the air.

The injury wasn't viewed as too serious following the Week 14 win, as Ron Rivera stated Smith was held out as a precaution and could have returned in an emergency situation. It was reported on Tuesday that Washington was optimistic Smith would be available to play against the Seahawks in Week 15. On Wednesday, Smith was at practice, but Dwayne Haskins took first-team reps in individual drills. Smith did not participate.