Alex Sandro's farewell

Alex Sandro's farewell 
Alex Sandro's farewell

The words of Alex Sandro himself as he bids Juventus farewell after nine years in Turin:

"There is one word that encapsulates what Juventus is for me: family.

I'm sure I'll leave a lot behind... It's difficult to talk only about football, I also have two little girls who grew up here, who are Juventus fans, who want to wear Juventus shirts every day and who, when I take them to school, don't want to listen to ‘Baby Shark’, but only want to hear the Juventus anthem.

The emotions started early, when Juventus’ interest became clear: even then I was impressed to know that a team with so much history, where so many idols, my idols, have played, wanted me.

Then the preparation for my arrival in Turin with the phone calls to people who had already played for this club and the information I asked for: everyone always mentioned the word “family”. They didn't just dwell on trophies, on victories, but always talked about friendship. And that's what touched me the most. What I look for, what I always put first in my life, is the concept of family.

I remember the first training sessions, the first hugs from my teammates. I still didn't speak much Italian, but there were Brazilian players who helped me a lot: Neto, Rubinho, Hernanes. Then came Cuadrado, a great friend who I'll always carry in my heart, and Dybala... all the people at Juventus with whom I worked, presidents, directors, coaches and all the staff: you have all been part of the history of my life and you will always have room in my heart.

I remember the first game: against Udinese at home [23 August 2015, ed], I was on the bench. There I understood what Juve is, how much the fans always want a victory. We lost and there I started to feel the pressure of playing for Juventus. But this pressure is what I, like most - everyone here, from the fans to those who work for this club - want the most. It makes you grow as a player and as a person. I have grown a lot. I'm happy that the happy, cheerful Alex with ambition, who arrived nine years ago, is the same one who is leaving now. I am proud of myself, of what I have done. I thank everyone who helped me get where I am today.

The sweetest memories are many: trophies, finals. We had a great journey to the Champions League finals... but even the complicated moments taught us a lot. The year of the pandemic was very difficult, we tried to help others have a happier time. I met many people and for that I am grateful.

I thank all the footballers because they have become friends, family.

It is difficult to find the words to say everything I would like to say to Juventus.

I want to thank them for all the moments we spent together, for me, for my family, for my friends. They have all become Juventus fans. In my heart there will always be a big space for all of you who have spent these moments with me.

The history of Juventus will always be important, the Fino Alla Fine spirit is in my heart, in my blood, in my soul.

I still don't know where I will end up, but I will always want the best for Juventus. It's been a fantastic journey. When I remember and talk about this journey of life, my eyes will always well up, as they are now. I wish you all the best.