Alex Ovechkin is now sleeping with the Stanley Cup in his bed, might never stop celebrating

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There might not have been a happier person on the face of the Earth than Alex Ovechkin as the Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup Final, and that happiness has apparently evolved into a deep, somewhat adorable attachment to the trophy itself.

Ovechkin and his pregnant wife, Nastya, posted pics of the superstar sleeping in bed with the trophy in his arms on Saturday night, which isn’t at all surprising as Ovechkin carried the 35-pound trophy with him throughout the team’s initial celebration in Vegas and for much of its its tour through D.C. Saturday.

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It’s not even the first time Ovechkin has fallen asleep while holding the trophy.

Alex Ovechkin’s never-ending Stanley Cup party

It’s just nice to confirm that Ovechkin has been getting at least some rest in the wake of the finest moment of his career. The Russian was … not sober during the course of the Capitals’ wild Saturday in Washington and it appears his alcohol intake has not ceased as of Sunday afternoon, three days removed from the team’s win.

Ovechkin’s most recent whereabouts appear to be a more low-key barbecue, continuing his new habit of constantly singing Queen’s “We Are The Champions.” However, even Ovechkin being near an open flame might be cause for concern at this point.

Live your best life, Ovi. Just try to be conscious for the team’s Stanley Cup parade on Tuesday morning.

God help the Capitals teammate who tries to take the Stanley Cup away from Alex Ovechkin. (aleksandrovechkinofficial/Instagram)
God help the Capitals teammate who tries to take the Stanley Cup away from Alex Ovechkin. (aleksandrovechkinofficial/Instagram)

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