Alex Ovechkin delivers pizzas to stunned fans, has bad food takes (Video)

Washington Capitals star Alex Ovechkin is a man of the people in the D.C. region. Please recall him getting gas for his personal plow during a blizzard.

On Friday night, and with the help of his Papa John’s sponsorship, Ovechkin took to the streets of Sterling, Va., and delivered some pizzas to local families.

(Having lived in Loudoun County, I can testify to two facts: That there are many, many Capitals fans there and that around 70 percent of all houses are getting a pizza delivered on a Friday night.)

Here’s Ovechkin surprising some fans, although that first family completely acted like parents feigning shock when an actress dressed like Sophia The First shows up at their daughter’s birthday party:

How great was that guy inviting Ovechkin in for dinner?

Alas, the video didn’t reveal the most important information: How does a Washington Capitals fan tip Alex Ovechkin for delivering a pizza to his townhouse?

But the video does reveal something about Ovechkin: His horrible food takes:

Look, we don’t know how they do things in Moscow, comrade, but one simply does not order Hawaiian pizza with extra tomatoes.


Dude, just let Trotz order. Quadruple meat on a meat crust with au jus.

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