Alex Cora ups the ante: 'If you guys thought last year was special, wait till this year'

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Alex Cora thinks he can do better in 2019. (AP)
Alex Cora thinks he can do better in 2019. (AP)

In his first year as a manager, Alex Cora reached the peak of success. He led the Boston Red Sox to 108 regular season wins and a World Series championship. There’s no going up from there, right?

Wrong. Cora believes he and the Red Sox can do even better in 2019. During a Baseball Writers Association of America awards dinner in Boston, Cora said the 2019 season will be even better, according to Alex Speier of the Boston Globe.

“Somebody might write this, I don’t care,” Cora said. “If you guys thought last year was special, wait till this year.”

That would be a tall task for the Red Sox. It’s difficult enough to repeat as World Series champs, but Cora is promising even more. We’re not even sure what that would look like. Would the Red Sox have to sweep their World Series opponent in 2019? Would they also have to sweep the individual awards? Would every Red Sox player vow to play with one arm during the World Series?

All joking aside, the Red Sox are once again set up to be a dangerous club. The team hasn’t dealt with any major losses during the offseason, meaning the team that won it all will return at full strength in 2019.

While the American League East is always tough, the New York Yankees haven’t made that one big move to push themselves ahead of Boston heading into next season. That could change if the Yankees decide to take the plunge on Manny Machado.

Even in a best-case scenario, topping last season’s accomplishments would be nearly impossible for Cora and the Red Sox. We’d love to see them try, though.

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