Alex Anzalone reminds fans that NFL players have real-world job issues too

NFL players don’t exactly punch a time clock or hustle between one job and another to make ends meet, but at the end of the day, they are still employees. And with that comes some of the same trappings that the hotel front desk clerk, HVAC technician or fireman experience as employees.

Namely, complaining about taxes.

Lions linebacker Alex Anzalone provided a reminder that NFL players face the same issues with taxes and fees that plague employees in less public or glamorous jobs. Responding to a social media post that (correctly) noted Lions WR Amon-Ra St. Brown will take home barely half of his $30 million salary in 2024 due to taxes and other miscellany, Anzalone laid out some truths that can be hard to remember for fans.

Anzalone wrote,

“The difference between athletes and business owners. Business owners can get away without paying through write offs, claims of losses, etc. We’re just typical W2 workers and can’t write off anything worthwhile. Can’t say we don’t pay our fair share!”

It’s obviously on a much grander scale, but Anzalone is exactly right in pointing out that NFL players are beholden to many of the same stresses and financial obligations that the rest of us deal with. The discrepancy between wages and actual take-home pay is something NFL players must deal with, too.

Story originally appeared on Lions Wire