Alessandro Bastoni: A Key Player For Inter Milan

Alessandro Bastoni: A Key Player For Inter Milan
Alessandro Bastoni: A Key Player For Inter Milan

Inter Milan defender Alessandro Bastoni, born on April 13, 1999, in Casalmaggiore, Italy, began his football journey in Atalanta’s youth ranks.

His early promise as a left-footed defender quickly caught the attention of scouts and coaches.

Bastoni’s versatility allowed him to play both as a fullback and a center back, but he truly began to excel in the latter role.

In 2017, Bastoni came to Inter Milan, although he spent the next two seasons on loan at Atalanta and Parma to gain valuable first-team experience.

His performances during these loan spells were impressive, particularly at Parma, where he made 24 appearances and scored his first professional goal.

The development phase was crucial in preparing him for the demands of top-flight football.

Bastoni’s real breakthrough came during the 2019-2020 season when he returned to Inter Milan and began to establish himself as a regular starter.

Under the guidance of then-coach Antonio Conte, Bastoni’s game matured rapidly.

He became a key figure in Inter’s defense, contributing to their solid backline with his intelligent positioning and effective distribution.

Alessandro Bastoni This Season At Inter Milan

Bastoni’s 2023-2024 season with Inter Milan showcased his development as a key defensive asset.

In 28 Serie A matches for Inter Milan this season, Alessandro Bastoni has demonstrated exceptional passing ability, averaging 70.17 passes per game with an impressive completion rate of 89.83%.

His precision in passing includes 0.91 key passes per game, significantly contributing to scoring opportunities.

Defensively, Bastoni’s impact is substantial.

He has conceded only 16 goals and kept 16 clean sheets. Meaning Inter Milan concedes a goal every 143 minutes when he’s on the pitch.

His defensive contributions per 90 minutes include 1.73 tackles, 0.95 interceptions, and 1.66 clearances, underscoring his reliability and effectiveness in defense.

Such performances have not only made headlines in Italy but have also been closely watched by those involved in betting in the UK, as they assess player impact on match outcomes.

Inter Milan Defender Alessandro Bastoni Playing Style & Contributions

Bastoni’s playing style is defined by his technical proficiency and tactical awareness. Unlike many traditional center-backs who rely heavily on physicality.

Bastoni combines his defensive duties with a keen understanding of the game’s nuances.

His height and ability to exploit spaces make him effective in aerial duels and a threat from set-pieces.

Defensively, Bastoni is known for his well-timed tackles and ability to intercept passes.

His match ratings often reflect his consistency; for instance, he maintained an average rating of 7.1 in the 2023-2024 Serie A season. This showcases his reliability at the back.

Under Simone Inzaghi, Bastoni has thrived in a more fluid defensive system. Inzaghi’s modern approach to football, which often involves flexible formations and dynamic roles, has allowed Bastoni to showcase his full range of skills.

Bastoni has enjoyed playing under Inzaghi, appreciating the modern football style that emphasizes both defensive solidity and offensive support​.

The Chemistry On The Left Side

One of the hallmarks of Bastoni’s time at Inter has been his role in the team’s left-sided defense.

This area of the pitch has become particularly effective due to the “obsessive work” put in during training sessions.

Bastoni, Federico Dimarco, and Henrikh Mkhitaryan have formed a seamless partnership.

This trio’s ability to interchange roles, with each player capable of pushing forward or staying back to cover defensively, has been a significant factor in Inter’s success.

Bastoni himself has acknowledged the importance of this chemistry, highlighting the extensive work that has gone into perfecting their coordination​.


Alessandro Bastoni’s rise in football is a testament to his hard work, talent, and versatility.

From his early days at Atalanta to becoming a linchpin in Inter Milan’s defense. Bastoni has consistently showcased his abilities and improved with each season.

His performance in the 2023-2024 season underlines his importance to Inter and his potential for further growth.