Is Alabama in trouble if Bryce Young is out for an extended period? | College Football Enquirer

Yahoo Sports’ Dan Wetzel, and Sports Illustrated’s Pat Forde and Ross Dellenger discuss Alabama’s win over Arkansas, and debate how much trouble the Tide will be in going forward if Bryce Young’s injury keeps him out for a few weeks.

Video Transcript


DAN WETZEL: Bryce Young, we'll get more updates. It seems like it was a sprained shoulder. Who knows what that means?


DAN WETZEL: That seems like a huge variant.

ROSS DELLENGER: Don't ask Nick about it.

DAN WETZEL: Let's talk about the kids that played!

ROSS DELLENGER: Well, did y'all see after that game? She asked it. She was asking-- she framed the question oddly. But she said despite Bryce Young's injury, you know, blah, blah, blah, the rest of the team. And he was so amped up and sitting on go, knowing that he was going to be asked about it no matter what.

He didn't hear her first part of her question or last part of her question, and he just pushed torpedo launch. And he just went in it, man. He was so ready to go. And then it's almost like-- I felt so sorry for her. Because it didn't matter what she was asking. He was pushing it, man.

DAN WETZEL: She did well.

ROSS DELLENGER: She did do well. She did do well.

DAN WETZEL: She did do well. She goes, all right, let's talk about the other guys. How much trouble are they if Bryce Young is not healthy for a stretch? Now they got what was once the biggest game ever--


DAN WETZEL: --against Texas A&M this weekend that now "College GameDay" isn't even going to. What were the preseason odds that "College GameDay" would not be in Tuscaloosa for the Texas A&M-Alabama game?

PAT FORDE: And not only not be in Tuscaloosa, but be in Lawrence, Kansas.

DAN WETZEL: Yeah, be in Lawrence, Kansas.

PAT FORDE: That tells you, again, why college football is the greatest. Because--

ROSS DELLENGER: 10,000 to 1. 10,000 to 1. Maybe more.

DAN WETZEL: Anyway, Bryce Young needs to get back. Kid's really, really good. But Alabama-- we'll see. It's a big game next week anyway.

PAT FORDE: I mean, I was impressed that Alabama reasserted itself. You're up like 28-0 or 28-7. I don't remember what it was. And then--


PAT FORDE: --it gets back to 28-23. And the pig fans are going crazy, and your quarterback is hurt. It was like, oh, they were wobbling a little bit. But then they absolutely turned it on. I mean, big play after big play after big play offensively. And I'm wondering where the back-end speed is for Arkansas. Because it was like 70 yards, 70 yards, 70 yards.

But that was an impressive response. I think for that, Saban's got to be happy about that. But, yes, clearly you need your Heisman Trophy quarterback back sooner than later playing in the SEC.

DAN WETZEL: I think that game was like-- you saw where they're still a couple of recruiting classes away, Arkansas.


DAN WETZEL: You know, right? It's like they're still getting the depth. Go ahead, Ross.

ROSS DELLENGER: And it's the fourth quarter, right? Yeah, we talk about Nick Saban's teams quite a bit in the fourth quarter. And you hear a lot-- I think it was Saban who, back when he was LSU, started the original fourth-quarter program winter workouts with Tommy Moffitt. And that was always the focus in every game.

It's Nick Saban in the fourth quarter, when he has a lead there, they don't give it up. And that's exactly what we saw. But give it up for Jahmyr Gibbs, Alabama running back. Over 200 yards. Had a big touchdown run, I think, late in that game and kind of took over when his quarterback was out.

But it doesn't sound like a real serious injury. I mean, Saban made it sound like Bryce Young has had this injury before and recovered pretty quickly. But it's not like they need him. I mean, honestly, they don't need him against A&M. I don't think they need him against A&M. I mean--


ROSS DELLENGER: --I think you'll win the game without him.

PAT FORDE: You could go single wing, probably, and outscore A&M at this point.

ROSS DELLENGER: Their offense is so dysfunctional. It's amazing how bad it is.

PAT FORDE: Yeah. When they need him is when they go to Knoxville, October 15.

ROSS DELLENGER: Yes. Yes, for sure. Yeah, you got to-- that offense is not dysfunctional. That offense has been pretty impressive. And, yeah, that'll be a big one.