Alabama grad claims sorority had her manage 'millions of dollars' at 19 years old

A former University of Alabama sorority member posted a video on TikTok sharing what it was like for her to manage "millions of dollars" when she was only 19 years old. Christy Sasso (@christysasso) posted a video on August 14 responding to common questions about the cost of sororities. Sasso confirmed that some sororities can cost thousands of dollars per semester. The University of Alabama's Panhellenic site lists first-year member dues as high as $4,978.00 per semester. The cost, according to the site, covers chapter meal plans, chapter fees and international and national fees. According to Sasso, her sorority also paid for private chefs, tutors and the house itself — the rent was nearly $1 million annually alone. "the dues for the year when I was there were like just under $6,000," Sasso says in the video. "There's over 400 girls in the sorority. That's $2.5 million a year". Who exactly is handling that money? According to Sasso, she did at 19 years old when she served as the treasurer for her sorority's executive board. "We would throw an $80,000 party on a Tuesday, not a problem," she says in the TikTok. "I used to walk around campus with checks for like half a million dollars in my backpack"