What Alabama got away with on the final drive of regulation vs Auburn

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Let’s review what happened at the end of regulation between Auburn and Alabama.

The Tigers were up 10-3 on the No. 3 Crimson Tide with less than two minutes left in the ballgame. Alabama had to drive 97 yards to score and tie the game.

Before I get into what was missed, may I remind everyone while this quite literally prolonged the game, it was not the main reason Auburn lost. Keep in mind the Tigers did not close it out in four overtimes, and also acknowledge there were most likely missed penalties on Auburn (look at the way the defensive backs played for the Tigers).

Here are all of the missed calls on that drive.

Hands to the face, Evan Neal

By definition, this looks like hands to the face.

Holding, Evan Neal

This also looks like a penalty on Evan Neal.

Intentional grounding, Bryce Young

Could not be more clear.

Holding, Seth McLaughlin

Looks like McLaughlin is holding Marcus Harris.

Intentional grounding, Bryce Young

Again, looks like intentional grounding.