Alabama fans react to Nick Saban not wearing his Yankees shirt on Lake Day

Every offseason, Nick Saban takes out a small group of players to Lake Tuscaloosa on his boat. The day is full of quality time with coach, tubing on the water and funny clips caught by the digital media team. Pictures and videos are shared on Twitter for fans to see.

The recent Lake Day post was a bit different. Fans were quick to notice that Saban was not wearing his usual New York Yankees shirt on the boat. Instead, he wore a Crimson Tide polo. Breaking news, I know.

If you think Alabama fans are obsessed with Saban and this surprises you, then you don’t truly understand the weight of the obsession.

Here are what some fans had to say about Saban’s day on the lake without his Yankees shirt.

The shirt in question (from 2022's Lake Day)

This year, he went with e Crimson Tide themed polo

Questions were raised immediately

A fashion choice that shook Tide community

Not this year

Spiraling. Definitely spiraling

It certainly feels different

The Yankees shirt controversy overtakes the QB competition

Imagine the spectacle that would cause

Some fans were glad he didn't break out the shirt

Story originally appeared on Roll Tide Wire