Al Roker won't stand for dad shaming

You Win Internet

Hollywood mothers are often subjected to “mom-shaming” on a regular basis thanks to social media – just ask Kim Kardashian. Rarely, however, do we hear about “dad-shaming.”

Al Roker became the exception. This week, the Today Show host posted a sneaky parenting video onto Twitter where he’s seen locking away phones and a Nintendo Switch in a safety box. His reasoning: his 15-year-old son, Nick, would stay up all night on the devices.

Most of Roker’s fans thought the idea was a genius parenting hack. “Well done,” one user wrote. But another parent responded with a jab at the TV host’s methods.

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Al wasted no time in clapping back, putting the “dad-shammer” in his place.

Other parents chimed right in, applauding Roker for standing up to the troll. They all agreed: there’s no room for judgmental parents.

We do have to wonder, however, if Roker’s son Nick is on his dad’s side like the rest of Twitter. His devices are still locked away after all.

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