How will DeVonta Smith and AJ Brown compliment each other in Philly?

Philadelphia receiver DeVonta Smith joins Yahoo Fantasy's Matt Harmon to look at the Eagles' offense with the addition of AJ Brown and maturation of Jalen Hurts.

DeVonta Smith is appearing on behalf of VRST--the men’s fitness and lifestyle apparel line from DICK’S Sporting Goods.

Video Transcript


MATT HARMON: All right, excited now to be joined by Philadelphia Eagles second-year wide receiver, DeVonta Smith. DeVonta, obviously you m not, just as an individual, but the entire Eagles team right now, there's a lot of excitement. And of course, a lot of it has to do with guys bringing in AJ Brown.

You have this great season in your own right. You're an awesome rookie. You put up a ton of numbers. You, as a rookie, were kind of just thrown out there as that like iso-X receiver, you know, went against press coverage routinely.

And AJ Brown's done a lot of that as that X receiver in Tennessee. But he's also been a guy that's moved around the formation. So talk to me about what you think like, your skill set, his skill set, and how that's going to compliment each other. Because I'm so excited about this potential pairing.

DEVONTA SMITH: I mean, two guys that can definitely learn from each other. I mean, he's more of a physical guy. I'm more of a quick guy, smaller guy. So I'm not going to do things that he does. But you can always learn from him, just being more physical. But talking about being more physical on the line, that's something that I can look at him, he can help me with. So definitely us just learning from each other, putting things that I don't have in my game he has.

MATT HARMON: I want to talk to you about Jalen Hurts because look, there's doubters out there still, I would say. Maybe you want to say there's some Jalen Hurts haters out there still. When it comes to that conversation that we were having earlier about how past heavy the Eagles can be, a lot of people will push back and say that Jalen Hurts can't run that type of offense.

But you've got a lot of history with Jalen. And if you look at just the last four years, he's a guy that every single season has gotten a little bit better, dating back to college, dating back to Alabama, Oklahoma, and then his first two years in the NFL. So where do you think Jalen Hurts stands right now? And what do you like so much about playing with him?

DEVONTA SMITH: Oh, I think he's going to be fine. I mean, he's a guy that you definitely want on your team, a guy you definitely want running your offense. The way that he carries himself, when things go wrong, he looks himself in the mirror. And when he's wrong, he knows you're wrong. He gets upset, and he works on it. So he's a guy you definitely want, want to have on your team, just because the way he carries himself. And I mean, he always gives you a chance to win a game.

MATT HARMON: Is there a difference like playing with maybe a pocket-based passer versus a mobile passer when it comes to playing the wide receiver position? And what is the change in your approach to sort of complement the different styles of quarterbacks out there?

DEVONTA SMITH: I'd say that the biggest thing is it keeps defenses honest. I mean, because they can't just sit and rely on doing one thing. So they have to worry about scrambling. They have to worry about them passing.

I mean, it creates a lot more explosive plays with a quarterback that can run, because you can get outside the pocket and create explosive plays. What is the scramble drill with great plays down the field? So I mean, it definitely helps the offense with chunk plays and explosive plays.

MATT HARMON: You're obviously, joined with us today on behalf of VRST. So tell me all about this brand and what you're working on and what's going on there.

DEVONTA SMITH: Yeah, well VRST is just all about being comfortable. So that was the main reason I was with them, being comfortable, and then just how versatile they are with everything. But if you want to be casual, you want to go workout, lounging around the house, no matter what the occasion is, they have you.

MATT HARMON: Well DeVonta, I really appreciate you sitting down with me. Like I said, I'm so excited to watch the Eagles this year because of this wide receiver pairing in particular. But it's just going to be a fun season to project you guys because like you said, you could be really great. I really appreciate you hanging out with me today and really appreciate the time. Thanks so much.