Air-supported dome over TGL venue in South Florida collapses

Air-supported dome over TGL venue in South Florida collapses

The dome over SoFi Center, the custom-built South Florida complex that will host the inaugural TGL season, collapsed Tuesday evening, the league confirmed in a statement.

“An overnight failure to the temporary power system used during the construction phase caused partial deflation and limited damage to the air-supported dome section of the site. The dome section has been further deflated by our crew and will remain down while they work to remedy the situation,” the statement read. "At this time, while we assess the damage, it is too early to determine the impact on our timelines.”

There were no injuries and none of the technology that will be used during the made-for-television matches was damaged, according to the statement.

When completed, the SoFi Center will be nearly 250,000 square feet and seat close to 2,000 fans on match nights. Built on the campus of Palm Beach [Fla.] State College, the stadium will include Full Swing technology measuring 64 feet high by 46 feet across, roughly 20 times larger than a standard simulator screen, and the green complex will include three sand bunkers and three individual adjustable greens within a 3,800 square-foot putting surface.

According to officials, construction will continue on other parts of the structure and the league is scheduled to hold its first match on Jan. 9.