Aidan Hutchinson on Justin Fields: ‘Can’t let him scramble’

“Can’t let him scramble.”

A four-word defensive gameplan for the Detroit Lions defense against Bears quarterback Justin Fields, as laid out by rookie defensive end Aidan Hutchinson. It really is that simple of a concept to say, but one much easier to execute.

Hutchinson summed up the Lions gameplan in those four basic words when No. 97 met with the media this week. He said them with a resigned smile, knowing that making those words matter will be a major challenge.

“The rush plan going into the week, you’ve got to be thinking about it all the time,” Hutchinson continued. “On first or second down, even if you’re getting play action he’s going to run that too. So, it’s an every-down kind of mentality.”

Fields set the NFL record for rushing yards by a quarterback in a single game last Sunday, eviscerating the Dolphins for 178 yards on the ground. Hutchinson wasn’t surprised, noting Fields was that same sort of dangerous weapon when the two squared off in the Big Ten in college.

Story originally appeared on Lions Wire