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Here's this week's edition of the AggieYell Mailbag...

Q: 1. How many freshmen do you expect to start?

2. What is the ideal run-pass ratio for this week?

3. Can we have recruits at the game even though it is a neutral site game? (AggieLuke04)

A: 1. Kellen Mond, Jhamon Ausbon and Myles Jones.

2. 2:1.

3. No, it's Arkansas' year to host recruits. They are the "home" team this year.

Q: We seemed to do well with a 2 back set as well as doing some pitches. Should we assume Mazzone will now completely abandon those 2 elements for the rest of the season? (Wharton Bones)

A: I hope not, because it was helping get A&M's backs out into space, and that's something you always want.

Q: Is Jake the backup QB this week? (pebbycree)

A: I hope so. Haven't heard one way or the other yet.

Q: We have really enjoyed your bottom 10 over the past year, any chance of starting that again? (AgsRule97!)

A: Sure, I'll start it again next week.

Q: 4 carries for 104 yards - will Mazzone find a way to get Kibodi more carries? Might he be a special back? (dwcmd)

A: He may be a special back, but he's going to have to wait his turn because there are three special backs in front of him.

Q: If Sumlin is 7-4 going into LSU, would that be the "coaching for his job" game or would it already be over? (Ag4SEC)

A: I think it would be done.

Q: My four most pleasant surprises so far this season would have to be Mond's rapid maturity, Renfro's tackling ability, Ratley's sudden ability to catch, and Durham's play at DE. What would your's be? (hogtide)

A: I think I'd replace Renfro (and he has been a very good tackler, no doubt) with overall linebacker play. Dodson has been spectacular, Alaka's been really good and Hines has shown the game isn't too big for him.

Q: Is Dashaun White flipping to OU? Any other commits wavering? (lord infamous)

A: 1) Not at the moment, no.

2) no.

Q: I watched the (ULL) game again, and felt better after watching the second half.

One major concern. Our history with quarterbacks over the last five years is not that good. Showers, Hill, Allen, Murray, etc.I know a couple of those young men lost the respect and suport of the locker room. Rewatching the game, it appeared that when Mond did something good, it was a "Hey we did good let's celebrate, oh what a minute its Mond, okay, congratulations Mond." Great play and handshake kinda thing Not like when some of the other freshmen/players scored, great play whatever where it seemed the whole team celebrated.Do we have another one of "those" quarterbacks in the locker room.Just saying a perception from reading the sideline body language. (teh80)

A: I think you're looking for something to worry about that isn't there. The Arkansas game should have proven that to you.

Q: I get that McCoy has better command of the line, but what about his snaps? Have you seen improvement or do they still scare you like they do me? (3s2ghill)

A: No complaints this weekend. I thought he was solid.

Q: Your thoughts on the 2nd & 3rd team LBs performance so far?

The top 3 things the Orioles need to do to turn it around next season? (Boxsterboy72)

A: 1) I consider Hines and Johnson to be the second team at this point, and I'm fine with Hines. Johnson was ok against Arkansas, so I guess I'm satisfied. The threes were awful.

2) Three starting pitchers.

Q: Why can't we set a dead line on players like White. Either you are in or you are out. Same goes for A&M you need to secure a spot before someone else gets it. (86Aggie)

A: Well, if you can find a guy, then maybe they might. But if you haven't noticed, this coaching staff is hardly in a position to make demands. If they were 8-1, that's different. They're 3-1 and the bad boys await.

Q: Do you think Kibodi will get snaps if the other guys are healthy? I was extremely impressed with his combination of power and speed. He was a burst of excitement! (3s2ghill)

A: Nope.

Q: 2018 schedule show LSU played at Kyle on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I knew away games were Saturday and that LSU hated the Thanksgiving day game. No more Thursdays? (Boone8466)

A: Dead. Done. And I, personally, am quite happy about it.

Q: I want to know what the rumors are about 1) Anthony Hines and 2) T.D. Motion not getting any playing time. I know Anthony Hines is good enough, so it must be a discipline issue, but i would like to know what the rumors are? (Aggie1986)

A: I'm not going to give you rumors. I'm going to tell you what it is. Hines isn't playing much because he's playing behind a guy who is playing well in Alaka and they don't want to disrupt a good thing. He's also a little undersized right now for a WILL. Moton isn't playing because Justin Madubuike and Jayden Peevy passed him on the depth chart. He didn't even make the trip to Arlington this weekend.

Q: Ausbon looks to have the talent to be a very special player but he drops a lot of catchable balls. What's with that? (Gruvin1)

A: He hasn't dropped any in the past couple of weeks, so I don't know if it's still an issue. He is, after all, still a true freshman playing a lot early in his career.

Q: On Sat when in a 4-3 Buddy Johnson was 3rd Lb. why him over Hines?

Also, on the 2nd TD pass Riley and 12th man were in the field. Why? Seems like lots of instances when you ask yourself why certain players are on the field. (Aggiewoo)

A: 1) Because Johnson is a SAM and Hines is a WILL. They don't play the same positions.

2) They were looking for size on size. Garner and Gillaspia are bigger guys and Arkansas had a jumbo package in. They then threw out of it and burned a blitzing Garner, but that was the thought process.

Q: In the past several years, the wheel route has consistently been a poorly defensed play by our defense. We saw it again by Arky along with Allen sprinting to one side and throwing back across to a wide open receiver. Is it the scheme, poorly coached players, over running towards the play, or just lack of intelligent players that we cannot seem to handle this? (dentonag80)

A: I think in this case, Arkansas busted out a play A&M had not seen (remember the bye week) and burned them with it. Arkansas started to use a lot of bootleg and misdirection in this game, because 1) they needed to keep Allen alive and 2) they knew A&M would be overly aggressive and overpursue. And they did.

Q: Did I see Congel in the game? What is his story - IMG grad, must be a friend of Mond/Ausbon, not rated, no offers? (the stein)

A: Preferred walk-on, performed pretty well in camp and worked his way into the rotation with the freshmen crew.

Q: Have we used the 3-4 at all this season. Getting Hines on the field with Dodson and Alaka would be nice to see. (dwcmd)

A: Nope. They've only used a 3-man front in the Mustang package. For all the talk over the spring and summer about being "multiple", they've stuck with the same old stuff.

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