Agent: Kyler Murray weighs 205 pounds

Mike Florio
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

In two weeks, all eyes will be on Indianapolis for the official measurements of quarterback Kyler Murray, pictured between Dwayne Haskins and Tua Tagovailoa. And his weight may be even more important than his height.

The over-under for his height is 5’10” — and, yes, bets can be placed on either proposition. (The under is the favorite.)  The official over-under on his weight should be 200.

Agent Erik Burkhardt recently said on a Barstool podcast that Murray weighs 205. I know muscle weighs more than flab, but I sat two feet from Murray 12 days ago in Atlanta and I’m bigger than Murray and I weigh 185.

Yes, he’s in great shape. He’s got an upper-body thickness that I simply don’t. (Shocker.)

But it still seems like a stretch that he weighs 205. In any event, we’ll find out in Indy, when he has his Tom-Brady-in-boxers moment for all the football-following world to see.

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