What the AFC playoff bracket looks like after Saturday

The Jacksonville Jaguars are in the playoffs after securing the AFC South title, but what comes next remains a mystery for now.

The Jaguars will find out Sunday who they are playing next weekend and they’ll have to wait until the end of the night to learn when their playoff game will happen. Some things are already set in stone after Saturday, though.

Jacksonville owns the fourth seed in the AFC and the first seed was clinched by the Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday. The second and third seeds will belong to the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals, although Sunday will determine which team gets which seed. The same is true of the Los Angeles Chargers and Baltimore Ravens with the fifth and sixth seeds.

The seventh and final spot in the AFC will go to the New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins, or Pittsburgh Steelers.

Wild card round

The Jaguars will likely host the Chargers.

Los Angeles can lock up the fifth seed with a win Sunday against the Denver Broncos, or with a Baltimore loss to the Bengals. If LA loses and Baltimore wins, it’ll be the Ravens visiting TIAA Bank Field next weekend.

Divisional Round

If the Jaguars get through the first round, they are likely to play on the road in the following weekend.

If both the Bills and Bengals win their Wild Card Round games, the Jaguars would travel to play the top-seeded Chiefs in Kansas City.

If the Bills win and the Bengals lose, it’s a trip to Buffalo for the Jaguars. And — you guessed it — it’s a trip to Cincinnati for the Jaguars if the Bengals win and the Bills lose.

Only if both the Bills and Bengals lose, would Jacksonville get a second home playoff game. In that scenario, the Jaguars would host either the Ravens or Chargers (whichever one they didn’t just beat).

Story originally appeared on Jaguars Wire