The Aegis high school sports stat leaders for Harford County and the surrounding area (Sept. 19)

Sep. 19—Here are the area standings and top goal scorers in girls and boys soccer and field hockey as of Monday.

Girls soccer

Goal leaders

1. Sarah Murrell (P), 5

2. Gianna Dawson (BA), 4

T3. Alayna Williams (F), 3

T3. Nevaeh Vick (E), 3

T5. Juliette Bujak (PM), 2

T5. Sam Donovan (E), 2

T5. Ayla Galloway (F), 2

T5. Rachel Harding (F), 2

T5. Addison Harmel (PM), 2

T5. Aubrey Heise (NH), 2

T5. Ally Mace (BA), 2

T5. Olivia Rotella (F), 2

Assist leaders

1. Sarah Farally (F), 5

T2. Lily Annunziato (E), 2

T2. Allison Brown (BA), 2

T2. Gianna Dawson (BA), 2

T2. Aubrey Heise (NH), 2

T2. Ally Mace (BA), 2

T2. Hayden Price (PM), 2

T8. 20 players tied with 1

Boys soccer

Goal leaders

1. Kai Gibson (PM), 5

T2. David Sabillon (E), 3

T2. Josh Petty (JC), 3

T4. Sean Babiak (NH), 2

T4. Sam Dragunas (CMW), 2

T4. Matt Luk (CMW), 2

T4. Cooper O'Dell (NH), 2

T4. Christian Rugel (JC), 2

T4. Zach Stromberger (F), 2

T4. Santiago Taboada (NH), 2

T4. Vinnie Wysong (PM), 2

Assist leaders

1. Diego Peralta (PM), 4

T2. Leo Pappas (PM), 3

T2. Vinnie Wysong (PM), 3

T4. Sebastian Ayala (E), 2

T4. Galen Klisiewecz (BA), 2

T4. Cole Schultz (NH), 2

T7. 19 players tied with 1

Field hockey

Goal leaders

1. Paige Feick (BA), 4

T2. Gwen Bates (PM), 2

T2. Lucy Bates (PM), 2

T2. Kaitlyn Carlsen (BA), 2

T2. Kylee Connors (PM), 2

T2. Izzy Hendricks (NH), 2

T2. Lizzie Hunter (HT), 2

T2. Annie Minoligio (JC), 2

T2. Maddie Tunney (PM), 2

Editor's note: Stats are compiled from all game reports submitted to the Carroll County Times. With any errors or omissions, email or