Adrian Peterson will “without a doubt” kneel during national anthem

Darin Gantt
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

We already have our first NFL player who isn’t prepared to go along with the advice of President Donald Trump.

Washington running back Adrian Peterson said he definitely planned to kneel during the national anthem this year, following the protest cue of Colin Kaepernick, who knelt to protest police brutality and racial inequality.

“Years ago, seeing Kaepernick taking a knee, now we’re all ready to take a knee together going into this season without a doubt,” Peterson said, via Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle.

Asked if he will take a knee, Peterson replied: “Without a doubt, without a doubt.”

Trump just tweeted out word that Drew Brees shouldn’t have apologized for this week’s comments, punctuating his message with an all-caps “NO KNEELING!”

But while too many players were willing to leave Kaepernick largely alone (or at least badly outnumbered) last time, there appears to be a new solidarity among players. A number of high profile stars have already produced a video which suggests silence isn’t an option this time.

“So on behalf of the National Football League, this is what we the players would like to hear you state: We, the National Football League, condemn racism and the systemic oppression of black people. We, the National Football League, admit wrong in silencing our players from peacefully protesting. We, the National Football League, believe black lives matter.”

And while Peterson’s the first one to say it out loud, it doesn’t appear that he’s going to be alone.

Adrian Peterson will “without a doubt” kneel during national anthem originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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