Adrian Peterson to follow Colin Kaepernick, plans to kneel this season

Dalton Johnson
NBC Sports BayArea

For those that have a problem with athletes kneeling during the national anthem, well, you better get used it. 

Following the death of George Floyd, an African-American man in the hands of Minneapolis police custody, Washington running back Adrian Peterson said he plans to kneel during the 2020 NFL season. And it looks like he won't be alone. 

"Without a doubt," Peterson said to reporters on Friday. "We're all getting ready to take a knee together."

Former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was the first athlete to kneel during the anthem as a peaceful protest against racial and social injustices, along with police brutality, throughout the 2016 season. He hasn't played in the NFL since, and also hasn't been offered a contract. 

Many people, including Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, have shown they don't understand what message Kaepernick was trying to spread. The same goes with New Orleans Saints star QB Drew Brees before he apologized multiple times

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Peterson wants everyone to be on notice: Kneeling will happen. 

Other athletes around the world have been kneeling in recent days. Once the NFL season begins this year, there likely will be a large group of players doing the same.

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Adrian Peterson to follow Colin Kaepernick, plans to kneel this season originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

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