Adrian Peterson, allergic to shellfish, still enjoying NOLA's seafood

Adrian Peterson makes his living crashing into defensive linemen and linebackers, so he probably has a good grasp on what is good or bad for his health.

Still, the admission that he’s eaten so much seafood after signing with the New Orleans Saints that his body fat has gone from 7-8 percent to 9-10 percent in two weeks was a bit crazy. See, it’s not that Peterson is the first to go on a food bender in New Orleans. That’s happened to just about anyone who has visited. It’s that Peterson is allergic to shellfish.

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The New Orleans Times-Picayune’s Josh Katzenstein chronicled how Peterson is sampling the city’s seafood restaurants, including charbroiled oysters (“I’ve been tearing them up,” he said), and how he carries an EpiPen with him as he does it.

Peterson found out about his seafood allergy during Minnesota Vikings training camp in 2012, when he ate some gumbo and his throat started to close. He was treated by the team trainer and was OK. You’d think that would cause him to swear off shellfish.


“Yeah, I love gumbo,” Peterson told the Times-Picayune. “I love seafood in general, so I will be eating some gumbo.”

Peterson ran for 2,000 yards less than a year after tearing his ACL, so he’s not really afraid of anything. For the sake of his training he might want to ease up on the oysters, but Peterson seems intent on experiencing everything the great city of New Orleans has to offer.

“That was something I was looking forward to coming here, just the food, the culture, the people — great people here,” Peterson told Katzenstein. “It’s been an amazing experience so far.”

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