This adorable kid running home in slo-mo is the baseball hero we all need


Ahh, the glory of youth baseball. Take it from someone who parents a 7-year-old — the way you tell kids to do something on the baseball field is rarely how it actually happens.

Case in point: This adorable little kid who has achieved viral Internet fame after his coach told him to “run home as fast as you can.” The kid decided a better strategy would be to run home in slow motion. And maybe he was right. Behold the hilarious moment:

Kudos to this kid for managing to mash-up his own slo-mo with the styling-and-profiling strut of Ric Flair. The best part might be that his coach tried to intervene and the kid was like, “Nope, sorry, I’m gonna keep doing it my way. Thanks.”

Keep doing you, kid! Pace-of-play be damned.

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