Adorable Fluffy Cat Joins New Zealand Cop On His Shift


A cat in New Zealanddressed for the occasionwhen she pulled a shift alongside her police officer owner.

Tia the Birman joined Senior Constable Kerry Morrell for a day at his station in Porirua earlier this month, andwore a ridiculously cute high-visibility harnessto make sure she fitted right in. New Zealand Police shared video of Tia’s day at the office to Facebook on Wednesday:

The footage showed her exploring Morrell’s workspace and walking over a squad car. It was then time for her to indulge in her most important job: having a catnap.

β€œOn this particular day, Tia was helping out our Scenes of Crime officers with some investigations,” a police spokeswoman told the New Zealand Herald.

β€œShe’s also pretty good at admin, paperwork, and the odd bit of light typing,” she added. The video is now going viral, with Tia appearing to have gained a sizable following of fans.

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