The addition of Frank Clark creates another P.R. problem for Chiefs

Mike Florio
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

As the Tyreek Hill situation continues to create troubling headlines for the Chiefs, the team’s newest arrival brings baggage that is destined to add to the team’s overall collection of P.R. headaches.

Defensive end Frank Clark entered the league four years ago under a cloud of controversy following a domestic violence allegation that resulted in a guilty plea for disorderly conduct, despite evidence suggesting that violence occurred and a dispute on that point between police and prosecutors.

(It wasn’t Clark’s first brush with the law; in 2012, he pleaded guilty to second-degree felony home invasion.)

Two years ago, Clark bristled at the mention of this past charge, chastising the female reporter who dared to point out a historical fact with this message on Twitter: “People like you don’t have long careers in your field. I have a job for you cleaning my fish tanks when that lil job is ova.”

Clark followed the hostile tweet with a perfunctory apology to “anyone who felt offended.” He then “liked” tweets from fans who supported him and/or attacked the reporter, before apologizing again.

Now, Clark plays for the team that employed Kareem Hunt, and that still employs Tyreek Hill. Clark has received a gigantic contract as part of the deal that resulted in Kansas City sending a first-round pick and a second-round pick to Seattle, which means that the Chiefs have explored the situation and that they have no concerns about giving up so much to get a great player.

The fact that he’s a great player helps. It usually does. However, that didn’t save Hunt — and it make not save Hill. Clark, however, surely has a clean slate; the question is whether the team will put up with any off-field issues. The draft picks surrendered and the cash invested suggests that he may be operating on something other than a zero-tolerance arrangement.

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