Addison Rae's Abs Are Legit Chiseled AF In A Bra And Undies On IG

Photo credit: Addison Rae - Instagram
Photo credit: Addison Rae - Instagram
  • Addison Rae is doing what she does best, and posting Instagram photos proving she's got the most unique fashion around.

  • The 21-year-old actress is so strong in the photos, which show off her sculpted abs in a bra and underwear.

  • Addison loves going to The Dogpound, a celeb-favorite gym, and she also does a lot of booty sculpting workouts.

If anyone wondered how Addison Rae is doing these days, it's safe to say she is totally slaying.

The 21-year-old TikTok sensation, dancer, and actress dropped a set of fiery photos on her Instagram, and it's clear she's as fashionable as ever. In the photos, Addison is rocking a type of leather newsboy cap, an oversized black blazer, tights, undies, and a bra, and she looks so sculpted and strong. “DANCE MORE," Addison captioned the photos.

Her friends and followers were quick to add to the comments, with Iris Apatow commenting, “hottest," and other fans dropping more fire emojis than I can count, which seems appropriate in this scenario. Addison’s super strong abs were highlighted in the ensemble, which basically amounted to a kind of lingerie fashion moment.

It’s not shocking that Addison is looking fit. She’s always on the move, fitting in her fitness when she has time. She's a big fan of yoga and dance workouts to stay so sculpted. And Addison especially loves Pilates. She's been spotted taking classes with Hailey Bieber, according to the Daily Mail.

Addison also frequents The Dogpound, where she absolutely demolishes some tough workouts with all the other celebs who love the gym.

Addison doesn’t share a lot about her diet, but she did teach Poosh Queen Kourtney Kardashian a thing or two about how she gets her booty so toned. The pair did a six-minute butt workout on YouTube back in 2020, and let’s just say it looks pretty intense. Addison takes Kourt through all kinds of moves, including fire hydrants, extensions, and donkey kicks.

“I love doing butt workouts,” Addison said. “It literally burns so bad, but it's so good."

If you're already excited to try it, you can expect six minutes of donkey kicks, fire hydrants, and more. It’s some serious work for your peaches, thanks, Addison!

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