Addison joins Vikings to play alongside Jefferson

Matthew Berry, Jay Croucher and Connor Rogers break down Jordan Addison to the Minnesota Vikings, discussing the sneaky fantasy value he could provide playing alongside Justin Jefferson and T.J. Hockenson.

Video Transcript

- OK, four wide receivers in a row. The run is on, gentlemen. I didn't know when they were going to start, but JSN has kicked everything off, and Jordan Addison goes 23 to the Minnesota Vikings, play alongside Justin Jefferson. What do you make of the pick, Matthew?

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- It's an interesting one, right? So, look, we know the kid can play. Connor, you'll talk about it a little bit more, but this is the guy who won the Biletnikoff Award when he was at Pittsburgh in 2021, and he now he goes to a Vikings offense. Two things, right? OK, Adam Thielen now in Carolina, 16% target share he leaves behind. KJ Osborn was the number three wide receiver last year, he had 90 targets. Yes, they added Hockenson mid-season, but, still, this is an interesting guy that, obviously, is going to see better coverage, considering how much defensive coverage is going to shift to Justin Jefferson. So nice landing spot, a good weapon for Kirk Cousins here, kind of a late round flier type, but potentially some redraft value in deeper leagues this year.

- Yeah, I'll take it one step further. I think he can be more impactful as a rookie than the three guys just taken ahead of him. He was my number two wide receiver in this draft, a top 20 player. I saw TY Hilton on film. Sure, he's about 175 pounds, but he won the Biletnikoff two years ago with Kenny Pickett. He goes to USC. What does he need to do? Get the drop right in a better place and he catches everything. Gets open at all three levels of the field, polishing his routes, I love Jordan Addison. The bottom line is, he didn't run in the 4.3s and the 1.70s, so everybody jumped off that bandwagon. After for two years, he was of the best wide receivers in the entire country. So playing with Justin Jefferson with a quarterback--

- He gets open.

- He gets open in an offense that that'll be structured for you. Jordan Addison, I think, is going to have a really nice rookie season.


- This offense is loaded now between Jefferson, Osborn, Hockenson full season, and their offensive line, which I think is a little bit underrated, so huge potential for Minnesota.

- Yeah, we'll see what happens with Dalvin Cook, but, look, we know Kevin O'Connell is an aggressive offensive-minded play caller. I was in on Kirk Cousins last year. I'm going to be back in on Kirk Cousins. No one ever likes Kirk Cousins for fantasy, but you know what? To your point, he's got a lot of weapons in a pass happy offense. Jordan Addison, I think this is a great pick for the Vikings long-term, and fantasy wise, he's a pretty interesting sleeper towards the end of your draft this year.