Add some color to your look with these vibrant blushes

These buildable blushes can give you an everyday beat or a dramatic evening look

Video Transcript

- Hello and welcome back to "In the Know, Make Me Up." The big trend that I am absolutely obsessed with right now is what I've been seeing all over blush talk. And so of course, we had to bring it in. We're talking all about all things blush.

We're going to go ahead and start with the amazing Cloud Paint. What's phenomenal about Glossier is that your skin looks so lit from within. We're going to go ahead and put it on. This is one of my favorite shades called Puff. We're going to go ahead and pop this baby on.

Just look so glowy. It's really easy to put on. It's blendable, which I really like. I'm going to go out and put it on the other cheek. Again, I'm using just the teensiest little dot. But it's going to be glowy and beautiful. I really like using the ring finger because it's got the lightest amount of pressure.

And then you have the ability to really play. We've got that. And now I want to go a little over the top with one of my favorite blush products from the one and only NARS. And what we're going to do is we're going to go in a little C shape. So we're going to go from your brow bone down to your cheek.

This buildable pigment really allows you to bump up the volume and really make your color so fun and vibrant. It's so easy, I might also pop just a little bit over the bridge of my nose, just to give me a little more color. Thank you so much for being here, everyone. This has been "In The Know. Make Me Up." Ooh! Best day ever.