Adam Thielen cites Super Bowl aspirations, Andy Dalton as reasons for signing with Panthers

The disappointing end to the Minnesota Vikings’ 2022 season doesn’t seem to have sat well with long-tenured wide receiver Adam Thielen after comments he made on the Pat McAfee Show this week.

Asked by McAfee about the recruiting process that led him to his blockbuster deal with the Carolina Panthers, Thielen cited quarterback Andy Dalton and the team’s chances of securing a Super Bowl berth as key factors in his decision to sign.

“Honestly, I wasn’t really planning on going to the Panthers,” Thielen explained. “I went on a visit there just to see… just to hear them out because I wanted to go somewhere that I felt that I had the opportunity to win a Super Bowl. When I went there I sat down with coach, sat down with the GM, sat down with the coaching staff and I felt like Carolina was the place to do that.”

The Panthers, who recently traded for the first overall pick in April’s draft certainly seemed to have sold Thielen on their ability to compete with a rookie under center, though Dalton’s part in bringing the receiver to Carolina shouldn’t be understated.

“When they added Andy Dalton, that was a huge part to me going there,” He continued. “Just knowing that [he is] a veteran guy who has played a lot of ball can really groom and help lead a team and a young quarterback who will be coming in.”

While the sting of losing Thielen is sure to stay with Vikings fans in the weeks and months to come, perhaps more incisive were his comments about championship contention and the situation under center for the Panthers, which seem to be in Minnesota’s favor on paper.

Story originally appeared on Vikings Wire