Adam Silver: A 'significant spread' of coronavirus could shut NBA down again

Chase Hughes
NBC Sports Washington

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and other league executives held a conference call with the media on Friday afternoon to share the latest on the league's plans to resume play at Disney World next month and he was asked about the possibility a coronavirus outbreak could derail those plans.

Silver, not surprisingly, said that is indeed possible:

On one hand, the response to that statement could be 'yeah, obviously.' But what it does is further illustrate the unknowns the NBA is dealing with in bringing most of the league to a central location, hoping a bubble-type environment will prevent the spread. The league happens to be headed for a part of the country, Florida, where the virus is now rampant.


And it again raises the question of how many cases do there need to be to run the entire plan. Rudy Gobert testing positive in March was enough for the league to shut down. But how many cases will it take this time?

Really, it's hard to speculate. One has to imagine a handful of players would not be enough. But, if the virus spreads through most of a contending team's roster, or certainly if it leads to a serious illness or death of any member of the league, Silver and the NBA will have a very big problem on their hands.

Silver himself may not know, he may not have a number in mind. To be fair, all of what the league is trying to do is unprecedented to a certain degree. Other leagues around the world have resumed play, but not in the same way the NBA plans to.

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Adam Silver: A 'significant spread' of coronavirus could shut NBA down again originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

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