Adam Schiff: How much taxpayer money was wasted on V.P.’s trip to Colts game?

Mike Florio
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

Vice President Mike Pence left the 49ers-Colts game after 23 members of the 49ers took a knee for the national anthem. He knew or should have known that one or more 49ers would be kneeling, prompting many to allege that Pence’s walkout was no more genuine than the mass departure from the disciplinary hearing in Animal House.

If it was planned or staged, Representative Adam Schiff (D-Cal.) raised this question: “After all the scandals involving unnecessarily expensive travel by cabinet secretaries, how much taxpayer money was wasted on this stunt?”

That’s a fair question to ask, and it shouldn’t be hard to tabulate the total expenses arising from a trip to the game that ended not long after it began.

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