Adam Schefter says Commanders open to everything in the draft, including moving back

Remember when everyone assumed Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson would be the next head coach of the Washington Commanders?

Most believed it was a foregone conclusion that the Commanders would hire Johnson as head coach as soon as Detroit’s ended. Almost every NFL insider, former player, etc., went on record calling Johnson to Washington.

Except one.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter proved once again that when it comes to breaking NFL news, he is the king. Schefter went on an episode of the “Pat McAfee Show” to tell everyone on Johnson to Washington: “Not so fast.”

“I’m not convinced yet that Ben Johnson is getting the Commanders’ job,” he said. “I know people have said that he is the presumptive favorite, and he may get the job; he very well may; he is in contention, but that is not a slam dunk at all right now. They are definitely looking at other people, as well.”

Schefter couldn’couldn’t have been more spot-on, as Johnson withdrew from consideration after multiple reports stated his first interview didn’t didn’t go particularly well. And he did so while the Commanders were on a plane to visit him.

What’s the takeaway here? Trust Schefter.

So, why the lesson on trusting Schefter today?

In his latest appearance on McAfee’s show, Schefter wrapped up news on the NFL combine, including how he thinks the top of the 2024 NFL draft will go. He still believes Caleb Williams is going No. 1 overall to the Bears. He’s maintained that stance for weeks. 

What about Washington at No. 2?

“I think Washington is going to be open to anything, including moving back in the draft,” Schefter said Monday. “So there’s going to be a team that doesn’t get Kirk Cousins. And it certainly sounds like right now Kirk Cousins will have, as his primary two options, Atlanta and Minnesota; maybe Washington jumps in.”

Is it”possible that Washington is telling Schefter they are open for business as a way to see if other teams will approach them with a historical haul? Certainly, but even if the Commanders love one or two of the top quarterbacks, you at least must listen to other teams.

The most interesting takeaway from Schefter: Cousins. He’s noHe’se first to mention Cousins and Washington, but he’s thhe’sst prominent. It seems unlikely, but remember, money is not a problem for the Commanders. They have the second-most salary cap in the NFL. And if Washington did sign Cousins, that No. 2 pick is absolutely open for business.

Free agency opens next week, and it sounds like if Cousins leaves the Vikings, it will be for the Falcons. But never say never in the NFL, particularly when Adam Schefter talks.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire