Adam Schefter says Bengals have ‘prioritized’ two other extensions after Joe Burrow

When the Cincinnati Bengals extended quarterback Joe Burrow in historical fashion, it was the culmination of the long-running plan that included long-term cap strategies, renaming the stadium and doing multiple local deals, to briefly summarize.

The plan is apparently just getting started, too.

After breaking the news of Burrow’s $275 million extension that keeps him in town through the 2029 season, ESPN’s Adam Schefter made sure to stress that this is merely the first of three extensions the Bengals have “prioritized” right now.

The other two, of course, are Ja’Marr Chase and Tee Higgins.

A recent report has suggested that a Higgins extension won’t happen anytime soon. But it’s still nice to see both names come up, especially if fans have started to worry that Burrow’s extension isn’t “team friendly” or the $219 million guaranteed ($188 million more than any other player in franchise history) is intimidating.

Truth is, we don’t know the structure of Burrow’s extension just yet and in the NFL, teams can afford nearly anything. It’s usually a matter of want, and this wording from Schefter sure makes it seem like the Bengals still want to keep Higgins and Chase around Burrow.

Story originally appeared on Bengals Wire